In 1999 we left Pasadena, California and moved to the quiet village of
Mt. Morris, New York. We fell in love immediately with the local area and people, the history and grandeur of the house. It was definitely life in the slow lane for us and if we needed a little reminder of rush hour traffic we could make a quick trip to the "city" to remind us why we left.

The Allegiance is a beautiful, historic, comfortably appointed and elegantly restored circa 1838 mansion located in upstate New York in the Finger Lakes region. The mansion is tastefully decorated to reveal the grandeur of the Victorian era with its high ceilings, elaborate moldings, and spacious rooms. The grounds surrounding the estate include a "secret hidden" garden with an arbor and a 35 mile green way on the edge of the property.

It is with pleasure that we can share this experience with you and strongly believe that building relationships is based on good conversations, quality service and exceptional accommodations. We want your stay to be enjoyable and relaxing, so much so that you will want to come back again and again.

Steve and Glenda      


The Wisner Family can be traced back to two brothers who left the Netherlands for America in the late 1500's. Both brothers where given land on Long Island, New York which they owned and occupied until 1684. In 1684 the English, who did not honor the Wisner's land title, seized control of the land. The Wisner Family left Long Island and moved to Goshen in Orange County, New York and resided there for one century. The Wisner's were influential people, one of them being a member of the Continental Congress. This ancestor would have signed the Declaration of Independence but George Washington sent him to supervise the production of powder for the Continental Army. In the early 1800's the Wisner's again moved, this time to Aurelius in Cayuga County, New York. Reuben Porter Wisner was born there on March 1, 1810.

As a young boy, Reuben had an unusual hobby of attending criminal trials, and later as an adult, he was accepted into the Bar, and practiced law in Cayuga County. Reuben formed a law firm with his partner Samuel H. Fitzhugh, and worked there until he moved to Mt. Morris, New York in 1832. Reuben married Sarah Clark and had three children, Frank, Charles and Henry. When Sarah passed away in 1850, Reuben married Ellen Fisk in 1851 and had one daughter, Minnie.

Reuben P. Wisner
Reuben P. Wisner
Ellen Fisk Wisner
Ellen Fisk Wisner

Reuben also became involved in the Civil War and strongly supported the Union. In 1864, he was appointed colonel of the fifty-eighth regiment and was in charge of guarding confederate prisoners at Elmira, New York.

Reuben served briefly as the president of Rochester, Nunda & Pennsylvania Railroad, and as the leader of the Bar of Livingston County. Reuben also was a well respected member of the community, serving as deacon of the Baptist Church in Mount Morris, New York until his death in 1872.

Reuben originally built the house in 1838 in the Federalist Revival style (pictured on the right) but in later years when ownership transferred to the Prophets, the front balcony and pillars were added to give it that "mini" White House look.
Residence of Reuben P. Wisner, Esq Mt. Morris



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